Knowledge is Power: The school dress code

Many of the schools, which personalise their school uniforms, usually sell them on the school property, for the convenience of the parents. Others sell them at nearby convenient and popular retail outlets.

A school’s code of conduct

The code of conduct of a school contains the anticipated behaviour patterns expected of pupils, the dress code of the school, the sanctions imposed on pupils who transgress the code of conduct, and the procedure for dealing with delinquent pupils.

Natest pupils raise much-needed funds

Principal of Natest Primary School, Mr RK Thilakdhari took great pleasure in crowning the King of the Beach Walk for 2017, who is Nikhil Samuels. He raised an amount of R2, 152.

Checkers Cornubia supports needy school

The cheque which will come handy to the school, was handed over to delighted school principal, Kevin Sevlall, during the opening of the new Cornubia Mall on Thursday.

RUSA lands at school’s career day

RUSA head, Prem Balram, and his members, made a special appearance at the school on Tuesday, September 26 as part of their Career Day programme.