Clean-up operation sends out a strong message

Operation Khuculul’iTheku is a long term multi-pillar clean-up campaign aimed at addressing urban decay, creating a clean environment and sustainable city.

Contractor fixes loose stones in Sastri Park

Residents raised grievances about dislodging stones, causing cracks on their windscreens, chips in the paint work and clogging of storm water manholes. Tamara Rajkoomar said the road had gone from bad to worse.

No more dumping woes in Silven

The keeping of the community clean initiative was started by the LECS Neighbourhood Watch committee members who were not only concerned about the spate of the crime in the area, but also the hazards caused by illegal dumping, which had turned the area into an eyesore.

Northside grounds an eye-sore

According to residents, it is not safe to use the grounds as a number of robberies have taken place and illegal dumping is rife which is a serious health hazard.