New road names in Foresthaven

Cllr Singh is seen together with residents.

The development of new homes on vacant sites did not cater for road names. This has become a concern for many home owners and especially council and emergency services in and around Phoenix.

According to local councillor, Solly Singh, the process is not quite easy as council policy has much red tape attached. “Communication with relevant stakeholder becomes relevant, only after home is built and proposed names are submitted, with time allocated for scrutiny to determine if names were duplicated. Once approved, the name goes into national and international grid for any one to locate. Recently, the following names of Berghaven in Foresthaven were installed after a long process. The new names are now Kingshaven, Honey haven and Frosthaven which is in line with the theme names of the area. The residents are all very happy after understanding the proper process and were much appreciative of the continuous efforts and communication to all in spite of the delays,” said Cllr Singh

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