Religious dispute leads to killing

A religious dispute between two employees hired by private companies at the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, ended in death when the argument came to blows on Thursday at the hospital premises.

Thirty-year-old Philani Ntshangase is alleged to have been assaulted on his head with a plank which led to his death later on that morning. He was hired as a cleaner by a private company and is believed to have taken a trolley to the workshop for repairs when he was approached by the suspect. It is alleged that while waiting to be attended to, the row erupted and 40-year-old Vusumuzi Blose, picked up a plank and assaulted Ntshangase on his head. He was rushed to casualty for immediate treatment but died as a result of the severity of his injuries. According to Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Lt L Naidoo, there appeared to be a grudge between the employees which spilled over and ended fatally.

“We frequently implore members of the community to not react in violence when dealing with disputes or disagreements. A passive approach is encouraged and the intervention of a mediator is always more helpful. Reacting in violence always spells serious consequences for the perpetrator of such behaviour and in this instance, a man has lost his life because of a heated argument which I am sure could have been resolved amicably  if approached in the right way,” said Lt Naidoo.

Krishnee Naidoo

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