Woman raped after drinking with friends

After consuming alcohol with a group of friends, a Brookdale woman became a rape statistic on Sunday morning. It is alleged that the 33-year-old was at her place of residence, consuming alcohol with a group of friends who are known to her.

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At about 10pm, her friends left the residence and the intoxicated woman was sleeping on the lounge seat. The victim alleged that she woke up at midnight to find that one of her friends whom she had been drinking with had raped her. When the victim asked him what he was doing, the perpetrator allegedly replied by saying that he was sorry.

The victim immediately reported the incident to the police. Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Cpt Louise Naidoo, confirmed the incident.

She warned females to refrain from consuming alcohol until late in the evening especially if they live alone or have to walk long distances to get to their residence. “Know who your friends and make sure that you are not left alone after consuming alcohol,” she warned.

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The suspect who is known to the victim has not been arrested yet. Meanwhile in another separate incident, a 31-year-old male was arrested and charged recently for a rape incident which occurred in Pickford Place.

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