Clayridge Primary on top again

The victorious Clayridge Primary team.

For the 11th consecutive year, Clayridge Primary School once again won the Inter-School Competition. Clayridge Primary School, in conjunction with Clayhaven Primary in Clayfield Phoenix, hosted the Inter-School Athletics Competition at King’s Park Stadium last Tuesday.

In total, 11 schools participated in this event which saw athletes taking part in track and field events. Clayridge Primary athletes made history for their school when they won the athletics competition for the 11th time in many years.

The team beat their closest competitor by a whopping 56 points. The Phoenix Sun caught up with the principal, Mr A Govender, at the school after the event.

Govender started at the school as a PE teacher in 1979 and has encouraged the pupils to actively participate in athletics since he joined the school all those years ago. He still believes in encouragement and involvement in athletics is an important part of his management approach to the school and its environment.

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This passion for the improvement of pupils has brushed off onto other teachers in the school and its stakeholders. Hence, the Athletics Committee, together with members of the school community and governing body, are active in preparing the pupils for their events and competition.

Their dedication to achieving their pupils’ potential in athletics has resulted in this achievement. The athletes will now be representing the Phoenix South Zone at the PHOESSA Athletics Championship at Kings Park next month.

Govender thanked members of the Athletics Committee for their dedication and commitment to the students and their athletics performance.

He also extended his gratitude to the members of the community, parents and members of the SGB for their support, enthusiasm and encouragement in achieving this landmark victory of 11 consecutive years.



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