Young lady to jet off to Germany to pursue her dream

Tact in Action members together with an excited El-Chante Raubenheimer (centre).

A young woman’s passion for looking after children has earned her a lifetime opportunity to go to Germany for 12 months to be an au pair- a tricky decision involving certain obstacles, yet she is enthusiastic and ready for the venture.

El-Chante Raubenheimer recently received a sponsorship of the incredible adventure from a reputable au pair recruitment agency which based in Durban.

The cultural exchange programme will allow her not only to work abroad but also to travel to her favorite destinations, make new friends and to top it all, study while she is there.

In an attempt to make the dreams of youngsters who emerge from disadvantaged homes a reality, the Tact in Action recruitment agency is currently assisting these girls from around Phoenix, Tongaat and Durban areas with sponsorship to work abroad.

To qualify, applicants must be between 18 and 30, have matric, driver’s license (not a necessity), not have children and have passion and experience for working with children.

The sponsorship includes R3, 500 programme registration fee and R7, 000 placement fee. The former Milady’s sales associates who hail from a disadvantaged background said she always wanted to be an au pair but never had funds to even consider going abroad.

Apart from that, she also wanted to pursue a career in corporate law but her family could not afford to help her further her studies. After completing her matric, she worked in two call centers before landing a job in a clothing store.

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“I was barely making enough and was always eager to do something different with my life. This sponsorship is certainly a big step for me,” said Raubenheimer.

While working with children has its ups and downs, the bubbly young woman said she has no doubt that her host family consists of wonderful children.

“I speak to my host family via Skype every now and then and they send me pictures whenever they are on holiday. I would like to thank Tack in Action for making it possible for me,” she said in excitement.

Tact in Action’s Talitha Jonkers said they were saddened after hearing of Raubenheimer’s plight who was earning merely peanuts working in a clothing store and decided to step in and help.

“We are trying by all means to make a difference by turning the dreams of deprived young girls in to a reality and we are looking forward to lend a hand to more deserving applicants.

Over the years we have been ecstatic to see our young beneficiaries come back with a different mindset. Some are lucky to find love and other jobs while they are there and end up not coming back. Making a difference in their lives is all that counts to us,” said Jonkers.

Raubenheimer is expected to leave on October 29. For further information on Tact in Action, visit their website on


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