Krish Swamivel to take the stage for the 1000th time

Local actress, Kogie Naidoo, of Broken Promise fame, and renowned dance teacher, Krish Swamivel, are set to dazzle the audience on Saturday, 2 September, at the Wildcoast Sun Tropical Nites Theatre at 7pm, when the Krish Swamivel’s Dance School celebrates their 27th anniversary by presenting the much anticipated ‘Eastern Dance Extravaganza.’

Naidoo and Swamivel will be making a comeback together on stage after many years. Their side-splitting comedy about ‘husband and wife problems’ was enjoyed by thousands of people previously when they dazzled audiences.

Playwright, actor, director and a dance choreographer, Swamivel, will be making in his 1000th stage appearance at this colouful event.

Naidoo started her acting career with Swamivel’s late father, Mr Swamivel Pillay, in Clairwood. Later she appeared with Krish in various indigenous stage plays.

This year, the students will showcase group dance styles in classical, folk and fusion in an attempt to bring out the greatness of Indian dance in South Africa.

Group dances will feature over 200 students from Chatsworth, Shallcross, Umkomaas, Umzinto, Port Shepstone and Phoenix.

Krish Swamivel’s School of Dances is a free institute where the passion for dance is nurtured and children showcase the Indian cultural treasures of our land by the youth in the divine art of dance.

“The movement’s aim at preserving, promoting and popularising the cultural treasures of our land among people of all creeds and communities, particularly the socially backward, and to train the younger generation in the divine arts of dance and music in order to build them up in spiritual strength and self-discipline. The institution trains the students to make them fully fledged professionals with creative and leadership talents,” said Swamivel.  For more information, contact Krish Swamivel on 083-655-0683 or Devi Govender on 079-694-6428.


Yoshini Perumal

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