Knowledge is Power: Preparing for exams

Trial examinations are officially scheduled to commence during the first week of September.  These examinations afford matriculants the opportunity to experience the practices and exam conditions that would be followed in their final examinations.

It is important for all candidates, sitting for these exams, to prepare well. Part of preparing for examination conditions is reading and understanding all regulations pertaining to the exams, as well as to adhere to the time frames before and after the examinations.

Many pupils perform poorly because they fail to follow the instructions in the respective question papers. Part of preparing for exams is also writing past year exam papers under strict exam conditions.

Matriculants should be following a structured study timetable at home. Get used to sitting in the same place during all study sessions.  Study time should ideally be quiet and conducive to studying.  The area should have good lighting.  Distractions should be avoided, eg: avoid being too close to the window.

Parents play an integral role in assisting pupils to optimise learning at home.  During study and exam periods disturbances, such as loud music, parties, quarrels, should be kept to minimum or avoided at all costs.

Maintaining a balanced diet and ensuring that pupils have a minimum of six hours of sleep a day is crucial in the build up to exams. Pupils must remember that our bodies also need rest.  We cannot over strain our bodies.  Rest sessions must be built into the study timetable.  When devising a study timetable be reasonable.  Allocate times for meals, recreation and rest.  These are all very important aspects to consider when studying.

Pupils must understand that preparing for study time is just as important as studying itself.  Some take to study naturally as they see the need to, while others need to learn studying techniques. Comments and suggestions can be emailed to [email protected]

Dr J Naidoo

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