Young women encouraged to be bold and daring

Pupils of Sterngrove Primary School together with Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi.

Mothers and grandmothers were treated to an enthralling Women’s Day programme at Sternmore Primary School on Saturday.

The exciting day hosted by grade seven pupils, principal, Mogie Govender and teachers featured dance, music, fun games and plays.

The event was graced by Member of Parliament (MPL) Mrs Rajbansi who spoke fondly of the importance of motivating young girls while they are still young and capable of change.

Rajbansi also spoke about the importance of women leaders and their impact on society. She proposed that schools must in fact have counsellors to develop young girls and bring in female role models to come and address these young girls.

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“Schools must encourage leadership roles every day. When schools put that on their plans, then they can see if they can do it better and that is the only way that schools can develop women leaders,” said Rajbansi.

Addressing attendees, Govender was full of praise about Rajbansi’s presence saying that she will inspire her pupils to become strong women. Govender delivered an inspiring message aimed at preparing young pupils to become women leaders.

“All of us are aware of the challenges and dangers that we women face on daily basis. But today I want to focus on how we as women can nurture, support and develop our girls and women in our circles,” said Govender.

She urged women to refrain from being judgemental. “We as women are the biggest oppressors. We criticize, speak ill about other women. Why can’t we be kind? Why should a  women wearing short skirt be called names? Why should a fat women/girl not be considered beautiful?”

Govender urged mothers and grandmothers to focus on teaching young girls to do things correctly, saying that will ultimately uplift them.

“To the girls, you need to surround yourselves with girlfriends that push you to do better and bring out the best in each other. Most importantly, we need to speak up, be bold and daring. Do not go where you are tolerated but where you are accepted, appreciated and celebrated,” she said. The event culminated with a sumptuous lunch being served and attendees were treated to gifts and vouchers.

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