LETTER: Why pick on Indian businessmen only?

It is more than likely that they are some Indian South Africans who don’t pay their workers the minimum wage. But why pick only on Indian businessmen? What about the other races? These types of comments from Julius Malema are uncalled for and must be heeded with serious caution.

There is definitely a sense of fear. This is a harsh reminder of deep expressed anger stoking the fires to destabilise the Indian community.

It will be an idea to resolve the issues with Julius Malema and the EFF, which has to be a broad based committee comprising of MEC of Human Settlements and Public Works, Ravi Pillay to head the delegation of Indian business and religious leaders.

The last thing we want is unwarranted racial division, but as South Africans and our cumulative contributions towards nation-building, peaceful and co-existence must be noted.

It would be prudent that Indians took cognizance and sought to embrace the principles of our democracy and equity and also be careful that they do not underpay their staff.  The masses who are victims of protracted oppression and economic deprivation also perceive Indians as super wealthy. 

Solutions need to be found on all issues that have been raised so that our future generation will be a better place in peace and co-existence to live in. Let us live in harmony and be true to the concept of Ubuntu in our beautiful rainbow nation.

Dhayalan Moodley


Dhayalan Moodley

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