Beware of expired products

Food fraudsters are preying on the vulnerable and gullible by selling them expired food items, medication, cereals and vitamin supplements, cool drink and detergents.

Inferior quality, experimental and trial run products are getting into the hands of the desperate by greedy manufacturers as well. Those at the end of life’s totem pole are easy targets, mainly the homeless, the illiterate, pensioners and panhandlers.

It is a requirement by law that expired food not fit for human consumption are dumped in a controlled and designated landfill site and a record of the transaction kept. It is also a law that every product has an expiry date and in the case of perishables, a ‘best before’ date.

In the clothing industry, it is called factory rejects or chain store over-runs and is sold cheap at a bargain price, however, this cannot be done with food products that can damage one’s health and even result in death. Un-endorsed creams and detergents can damage skin. Fake and illegal cigarettes and ersatz replicas are another problem.

There is no stopping humans from being used as guinea pigs to test products but through the rigours and hardships of life, the serfdom will always be tempted to eat the forbidden fruit or poisoned feast.

The public as recipients from donors and the purchasing man in the street need to be more vigilant when a ‘too-good-to-be-true’ bargain is offered to them. Just remember nothing in life is free.

Kevin Govender

Kevin Govender

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