No more dumping woes in Silven

Durban Solid Waste education officer Nurse Mthantathu addresses Silven community members on illegal dumping.

The Silven community that was plagued by illegal dumping woes pledged to keep the area and their surroundings clean on Saturday.

Addressing a packed tent during the LECS Neighbourhood Watch launch at Silven Park area, Durban Solid Waste education officer, Nurse Mthantathu, commended the community for their tireless efforts to keep their surrounding areas clean.

The keeping of the community clean initiative was started by the LECS Neighbourhood Watch committee members who were not only concerned about the spate of the crime in the area, but also the hazards caused by illegal dumping, which had turned the area into an eyesore.

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However, she said, they still have issues with people who leave their bin bags days later after the collection day. “Today, we are here to remind you not to dump in open spaces, so that we can make our communities a safe haven for everyone. In case you miss the collection truck, you are allowed to take your waste to our garden site in Caneside,” said Mthantathu.

The community together with LECS committed themselves to abide with DSW’s rules and making sure that the area is illegal dumping free.

Mbali Khubisa

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