Northside grounds an eye-sore

The illegal dumping taking place at the Northside grounds.

Residents living in the vicinity of the Northside Grounds in Caneside, are demanding that the municipality do something about the dilapidated state of the grounds.

According to residents, it is not safe to use the grounds as a number of robberies have taken place  and illegal dumping is rife which is a serious health hazard.

Resident, Kaelean Padayachee said, “The grounds is in such a bad state.  It is more like a dump site. It is supposed to be soccer grounds as there are change rooms abut no one uses it for that purpose because it is in such a terrible state.”

Another resident, Titus Soobramoney said, “So many people have been robbed at the grounds that’s  why no one uses it anymore. I am a soccer player and years ago when the grounds was clean and safe, we used to train there. Now we have to go all the way to Sunford grounds to train.”

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Leader of the Democratic Liberal Congress (DLC) Cllr Patrick Pillay, said that since last year’s local government elections, service delivery is at its lowest. The community service provisions by certain councillors are pathetic.

“The DLC offices have received many complaints from residents that uncivil acts are taking place at the grounds including illegal dumping. The grounds is in a terrible state and must be sorted out. The Northside grounds have become a dangerous place because  there is no maintenance. I have, however, requested the relevant departments to urgently attend to this matter. I will also be taking this matter further to the head of Parks and Recreation in Durban,” said Cllr Pillay.

He added that the community is urged to report illegal dumping directly to the parks and gardens department on 031-322-1530 and report the perpetrators as well without fear.

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