Robberies, rapes and assaults plague Tongaat


Robberies, rapes and assaults are just a few of the crimes that are plaguing the Tongaat, Sitaram and Emona areas, according to Tongaat SAPS.

Media liaison officer of Tongaat SAPS, W/O Manisha Maharaj-Marie told the Verulam and Tongaat Sun that most of the crimes emanate from liquor and relationship issues. “On Monday, February 25, it is alleged by the complainant that she was at a tavern and when she left, two men, armed with a knives, approached her,” said W/O Maharaj-Marie.

The victim was allegedly robbed her of her cellphone and R100 in cash. The suspects reportedly thereafter forced her into the nearby bushes and raped her.

“Tongaat SAPS are urging women to refrain from going into areas that would turn out to be a threat to their safety, for example, taverns. Refrain from walking alone in the early parts of the morning and late hours of the evening.  When consuming alcohol, ensure you doing it in a proper environment in the company of responsible adults. To liquor outlets especially in the informal areas, adhere to the rules of the liquor license and to closing times,” added W/O Maharaj-Marie.

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