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The educational needs and resource requirements of a tertiary level student have evolved. If we compare what was available to our parents and elders by way of their educational resources, it is easy to realise that we live in exciting, progressive and digitally connected times.

As much as this brings about a sense of excitement, in the face of South Africa’s socio-economic landscape, it is easy to have the dark cloud of disparity hang between students who are able to access these resources and learning materials and those who are unable to.

While it is important for an educational institution to make its regular course material and curriculum available to all students, it also helps to equip students with the tools that they need to succeed.  With this in mind, Damelin has created an offer to give any and every student of all socio-economic backgrounds equal opportunity to succeed with our early enrolment offer.

Every new or roll-over student who signs up for a course with Damelin in 2017, will receive the following:

huawei mediapad t1

The benefits of having a table: 


With the fast pace of modern living, now more than ever you need to remain reliably connected to a source of information that will assist you in your studies. Whether you are commuting, in lectures or at a study hall, a Tablet allows you the opportunity to connect to the internet and access information that you need for your assignments, tutorials and more.


Instead of waiting a lifetime for the LAN or PC lab to become available so that you can access information to complete an assignment, you now have options open to you. With your very own Tablet and the 200MB of free data per month, you will be able to work at your own pace and access information on your own schedule as and when you need it.


With the digitally connected times that we live in, we have no excuse to not be on top of our game when it comes to current affairs, news and data in the world around us. The free Huawei T1 7” Tablet that Damelin has on offer has been designed specifically to help enhance your presence as a student within the context of information that is current, relevant and most useful to your studies.


The internet is a dynamic source of information for any student of the modern times. You may find that many parents and academic professionals still encourage you to consult textbooks and journals. While this is also important, access to the internet via your Tablet also offers you a chance to browse e-books, research and access online tutorials, all of which brings a new sense of richness to your learning.

With all of this information on hand, you can now step forward confidently with the knowledge that your education service provider supports your educational journey… every step of the way.

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