Bushy Brayford pathway to be revamped

The pathway between Brayford Road and the Phoenix Highway.

A temporary initiative to make a bush walking pathway safer and neat is currently being pursued and will benefit residents around Brayford Rd, Palmford Rd, Bankford Rd and surrounding areas.

Ward 49 candidate, Ronnie Veeran will be revamping the temporary walking path that is in a bushy area to a safer and easily accessible pathway.

The pathway is located between Brayford Road and the Phoenix Highway.The dangerous walking path was made by residents around the area when the ruling council in the past years closed the main walking path leading out to the highway.

The pathway is situated in between two houses with bushes and unlevelled sand which makes it difficult for pedestrians to utilise the pathway.

Veeran contacted a construction company to aid residents who use the pathway by levelling the sand and adding concrete to make the pathway accessible even in rainy conditions.

“The solution is temporary as we are still trying to locate the owner of the land so we can legalise the ordeal,” said Veeran.

Handicapped and elderly pedestrians are said to be the ones who struggle the most to walk up and down the pathway. Residents expressed their frustrations about the walking path.

“This place is not for walking, it’s for falling,” said Nad Govender, a resident. “I’ve been here for long and I’ve seen so many bad things happen because of that unmonitored pathway. Thieves use the pathway to pounce on suspecting victims,” said Krish Moodley.

“Something has to be done about this as the older council closed the main pathway we had many years ago,” said Prem Madanjith.

In this year’s local election, Veeran was not elected to be the ward 49 councillor. He still assures that he will be carrying on with the project to help the community.

“I’m fine with not winning the ward but I will be keeping my promise that I made to the people,” said Veeran. The residents are also in a desperate need for a light on the pathway but Veeran states that a light cannot be put up as it is private property.


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