High ‘praise’ for Phoenix rapper

Ngcebo “Praise” Ngcobo is seen during his recent performance.

Up and coming rapper Ngcebo “Praise” Ngcobo, 21, is passionate about deep-rooted hip hop and more than that, he is passionate about representing his hometown – Phoenix.  Praise The Grey-Matter, which is his stage name, started rapping in 2011 while he was doing Grade 10 at Woodview Secondary.

“My teacher Mrs A Moodley wanted us to do an item for Freedom Day at my school and she asked a friend of mine and I to do a rap. From that first performance, I have never stopped,” said Praise.  The Phoenix-born and raised artist had one of his biggest performances this past weekend at the monthly youth event called 4068.  The event is held at the Strandbrook Basketball Grounds in Brookdale and is a platform for artists from Phoenix and surrounding areas to showcase their talent.

“4068 has really been helpful to me and to Phoenix as a whole because many people look down on Hip Hop artists from here but having a platform like this where celebrity guests come just to watch us sometimes gives me hope that we will be opening for Hip Hop festivals and music awards in the near future,” said the rapper.

The organiser of the event Msizi Nxumalo has been shooting music videos for artists in Phoenix to further promote their craft. This has helped Praise immensely in gaining exposure as an artist.  Rapping about his area Brookdale and his experiences is something Praise feels is important.  The talented rapper believes it is one of the things that makes his music unique.  4068 takes place every first weekend of the month and is a free show and platform for any artist to participate in.

Pamella Magwaza

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