Employee charged with businessman’s murder

The deceased…Nelson Ricky Reddy.

Following further investigations, police arrested an employee.According to initial reports, there was a robbery in Hexham Road that led to Reddy being attacked.

The victim was taken to a local clinic before being transferred to Gandhi Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries and later died. Police reports suggest that the victim had suffered severe trauma to the head that led to his death.

The chief investigator made a breakthrough and it is now believed that the murder is not related to a robbery. A suspect, who was an employee of the victim, has been arrested in connection with Reddy’s death.

Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Lt Naidoo said, “A man believed to be an employee of the deceased has been arrested for the murder of Mr Reddy. It’s alleged that the victim and the suspect were engaged in a squabble over money when the victim was attacked and later died. The man is expected to appear in court on Tuesday.” The police investigation continues.

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