‘Missing man’ arrested in Margate

Povendran (Ashley) Kistasamy.

The search for missing man, Povendran (Ashley) Kistasamy, came to a dramatic close on Monday after it was confirmed that he had been found, safe and alive in Margate. It is believed, however, that there are legal circumstances surrounding his disappearance.

It has been confirmed by police that Kistasamy was actually in custody at Margate SAPS facing two counts under section 36, which include being in possession of stolen items. The search for Ashley began a month ago after his frantic family made a public appeal for their missing relative.

Social media users circulated the information to help assist in the search for the Kistasamy, who had gone missing after work on Saturday, February 13.  Family and friends strongly believed that him not being in touch with them was completely out of character and an intensive hunt for the missing man was started.

A week after he went missing, his car was found under suspicious circumstances which increased fears that he had fallen victim to foul play. The family engaged the services of a local private investigator, Clive Shaik, to help in the search of Kistasamy and a special task force was created with the aim of finding him.

He was finally located in Margate after he was arrested on Friday, March 4. The Margate SAPS communications office issued a statement which said, “It is alleged that the suspect (32) was sharing a house in Uvongo with another person. This other person alleges that he went away to the Eastern Cape for a weekend and on his return, he discovered that various items and furniture were removed from his house. The complainant opened a theft case. After an investigation, detectives from Margate traced some of the stolen property to a second hand dealer in the area and during further investigation, the suspect was implicated in this case.  Further investigation also led to the recovery of a Vodaphone modem and a USB which belonged to the complainant. Both were found in the possession of the suspect. He appeared in court for the theft case as well as stolen property and was denied bail. The case has been postponed to March 15, 2016.”

Local councillor, Patrick Pillay, was part of the special task team created to find Kistasamy. He said, “We are glad that the family have found closure in this matter and that they know that he is alive and well. It was really a traumatic period for everyone involved, including members of the community who were worried about his safe return.” According to Cllr Pillay, SAPS formed a team led by Colonel T Munsamy, which included Lt Chilli and W/O Chetty, who did an outstanding job in finding Ashley. He also commended Clive Shaik for being an instrumental part of the campaign.

Pillay added, “Many people are affected by a missing loved one. We encourage people under this type of stress to seek out help. What is most important now is that Ashley has been found alive and we would like to thank the community for their efforts in the search. Our efforts were not in vain.”

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