Phoenix woman survives brutal rape attack

Residents from a close-knit community in Phoenix are reeling in shock after they were notified about a home robbery and brutal rape that took place on Monday afternoon.

Due to the sensitivity of the case, The Phoenix Sun has chosen to not disclose details that could lead to the identification of the victim. According to police reports, the woman was held captive in her own home with no chance of escaping.

The 33-year-old victim is believed to be severely traumatised after the ordeal which subjected her to being repeatedly raped by the home intruder before he stole valuables and left. Phoenix SAPS spokesman, Lt Louise Naidoo said, “The victim was home alone and was taking a shower when she heard a loud bang as she was stepping out of the shower. She was still wrapped in her towel when she was faced with a home intruder who was carrying a screwdriver.”

According to Naidoo, the suspect asked her for money and managed to get around R100 and also took a phone and an iPad. He asked for her jewellery and allegedly sifted through the jewellery because he only wanted gold jewellery that would be easy to sell.

“The victim was sitting on her bed while he was sifting through her jewellery. He then proceeded to throw her on the bed and rape her three times before he sodomised her. Naidoo described the victim as completely traumatised by this ordeal. She said, “We are calling on the public to please respect the privacy of the victim at this sensitive time. Anyone who thinks that they may have a clue that will lead to the identity of the suspect is encouraged to contact the police.”

Sector 3 CPF chairman and head of local security firm, Glen Naidoo, has offered some useful tips for women to secure their own safety, when they are home alone. He said, “Ideally, your home should be fenced and every home needs to invest in secure, good quality burglar guards that are securely fixed and will not be easily forced open with a screwdriver. Secondly, I strongly suggest that all women who spend time at home alone should install a panic button. This can cost as little as R10 which is a small investment that could save your life. Pressing the button could alert your neighbours, scare the suspect and call the police or a security firm who could be there in minutes. It is essential for a woman staying at home alone.”

Mr Naidoo believes that it is time for the community to get active in taking charge of their own safety. He added, “We can’t keep relying on the police and security companies to protect us and our families. It is time for every individual to actively participate in the safety of their loved ones. We strongly recommend that a neighbourhood watch is set up to assist in this regard, and if anyone is interested in this, then they must contact me to discuss it further.”

Mr Naidoo also recommends that neighbours should take an interest in each other and look out for each other. Every household should have a list of at least 10 neighbours’ numbers in plain sight, so that there is always someone to call, should you need to.

Women are also encouraged to purchase items like pepper spray to keep it on them at all times. Police currently have no leads on the suspect and are appealing to the public to be vigilant and to report anything that may lead to the arrest of the suspect. The public are also encouraged to be on the lookout for suspicious individuals trying to sell items like the ones taken in the burglary. If you believe that you may have any information, contact Lt Naidoo on 031 508 2300.

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