Nephew arrested for shooting aunt

A twenty-three-old man from Trenance Park has been arrested for shooting his 45-year-old aunty in Ocean Ridge Drive, recently.

According to RUSA head, Prem Balram, they responded to the scene and discovered that the victim sustained multiple gun shots. A high powered air riffle was used to shoot her. According to Balram, they were told that the victim was at her sister’s place cleaning the yard when an argument transpired between her and her nephew, who lived next door.

“The suspect raised the rifle and shot her four times before he locked himself in his house. The pellets penetrated her skin causing severe pain and bleeding. Verulam SAPS and RUSA had to use a bolt cutter to cut the locks off the security gates and enter the property,” Balram stated.

It is alleged that the suspect verbally abused the officers from his balcony before exiting his home and confronting officers in his front yard. He then became violent and necessary force had to be used to restrain him.

His home was searched and dangerous weapons including the air rifle and daggers were confiscated. According to Balram, residents in the area have complained of living in fear as the suspect allegedly used his air rifle on previous occasions to shoot at neighbours. Several criminal cases have been registered against him in the past.

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