HIV positive father sentenced for raping daughter

A 44-year-old man from the Tongaat area was recently sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for raping his 16-year-old daughter and also infecting her with HIV.

The traumatic ordeal began in 2013, when the accused was not employed. He touched his daughter’s breasts and made her touch his genitals every time she arrived from school or when her mother was asleep.

During court proceedings, those present heard that the accused thereafter started calling the victim to his room, where he undressed and raped her without using protection.

The daughter informed her cousin of the matter as her father threatened to kill her should she tell her mother. It is believed that the father also throttled her and pinched her on her private part. In addition to this, the horrific ordeal had an effect on the girl’s academic performance at school.

When the mother found out about the incident, she opened a case and the father was duly arrested. The accused admitted to the offence and after several appearances in court, he was found guilty of rape, attempted murder and sexual assault.

During proceedings, the judge said, “This is a heinous crime, especially because the father knew that he was HIV positive. What kind of society are we raising? What morals and values are we instilling in our children’s lives? These are the questions we need to answer before we do anything.”

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