Dianthus Primary hosts dazzling debs ball

The principal, staff and the SGB expressed their gratitude to parents, guardians, well-wishers and service providers for a very successful night.

Pupils exposed to the working world

Pupils were dressed according to their career choices and prepared speeches on the careers of their choice: qualifications needed and why they were interested in that career.

Science expo geniuses

These pupils did exceptionally well as the trio brought winning medals home. Ketana Pillay came in second in grade six with her homemade shampoo.

Pupils and parents empowered at Acacia Primary School event

Keynote speaker, Shameen Thakur Rajbansi, appealed to parents of these young girls to educate them and encouraged girls in leadership roles in the political, social, economic, cultural and religious sectors of society

Celebrating Arbour Week

Curro Mount Richmore planted the tree of the year for 2017, their very first acacia thorn tree and they also planted an Albizia flat crown tree to provide much needed shade for the pupils.

Al-Ameen Montessori celebrates Haji Day

Hajj is remembering Prophet Ebrahim (AS) and Prophet Ismail (AS) as well and Bibi Hajra who went in search of Zam Zam and the forgiveness of Prophet Adam (AS) and his wife, Bibi Hawa (AS).

Wembley Primary opens state-of-the-art centre

In his address, Wembley Primary’s School principal, Mr R Naidu, said that the building of the auditorium started in 2011 but was halted due to a lack of funding.