Braai up this Heritage Day

In KwaZulu-Natal, September 24 was known as Shaka Day, in honour of the Zulu King, Shaka who played an important role in uniting disparate Zulu clans into a cohesive nation.

Bank robber shot and killed in Tongaat

Members of local security company, Reaction Unit South Africa, were dispatched to the scene after being informed of the incident.

Historical society calls for church restoration

Despite their tireless efforts to preserve the oldest surviving structure, keeping the history of the town alive and sending pleas for help to various branches of the Methodist Church, the society has received no joy.

The pick of the Android apps for dog lovers

There’s no substitute for some sessions with a good dog trainer and lots of TLC, but there are some great Android apps that can give some handy tips about how to take care of your furry family member.

Former councillor scoops top agent merit award

Solly Singh said that Phoenix and surrounding areas have a large active market of buying and selling and vulnerable to unethical behaviour of assumed trusted individuals.