Wanted house break-in suspect arrested in Verulam

The suspect was arrested by reaction officers along Wick Street.

A suspect wanted for a house break-in case was arrested by Reaction Unit South Africa on Wick Street in the Verulam CBD, recently.

Reaction officers received information a week ago that the suspect was being sought by police for a house break-in he committed on Shari Drive in Everest Heights in February, 2016.

Police were in possession of a photo of the suspect and requested assistance from reaction officers to arrest the suspect who was known to them.

While on patrol in the Verulam CBD, the suspect was spotted on Wick Street. When he noticed reaction officers approaching him, he attempted to flee but was pursued and apprehended. The suspect was handed over to police and is currently being detained at the Verulam SAPS.

The suspect was arrested on numerous occasions for house break-ins and drug related crimes. In 2014, he stabbed a reaction officer during a house break-in in Everest Heights. The RUSA officer shot him during the scuffle.

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